EF Education: Exchange students traveling to the US – exchange rates

At the end of May, on the bill sent out to their exchange students traveling to the United States, EF Education in Norway added an extra charge of to up to NOK 18.000. This amounts to about 2040 euros.

EF claims that this has to do with exchange rates and a ”typing mistake” they made in their contracts and their brochure. Their customers have contested this extra charge stating that:

  1. Dates are vital information. Customers should, therefore, be able to rely on the firm to have strict control routines on such content.
  2. The timing of this extra charge places undue pressure on the customer.
  3. EF did not know when the mistake was discovered. The customer should be able to expect a large firm like EF to have good routines on immediately informing their customers.

EF’s response to the customers was along the lines of: PAY UP OR CANCEL. Do not have contact with CSFES as EF does not consider them serious players on EF’s playing field.

I do not know if Finnish customers this year have had this experience with EF Education as you use the euro. But I thought it important, anyways, that you were made aware of their ”metkut”.



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