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F-1 organization in California, USA loses its SEVIS accreditation

Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory loses accreditation

In 2005, Tri-Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC) in California established  charter schools ranging from elementary school to high school. The high school is Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory (LVCP). About 90 foreign exchange students attend the school. Investigations into irregularities (see below) started February 2016. As a result of these investigations, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) withdrew LVCP’s accreditation*. The school district denied LVCP’s petition of charter renewal December 2016. LVCP is no longer listed as having SEVIS F-1 certification. The school has said that they will stop their student exchange program from July 2017.

3rd February 2016 Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) sent the Governing Board of the TVLC a Notice of Violation (NOV). Among other things, the NOV concerns the below violations with regards to LVCP’s exchange students.**  Media got hold of the information and several in-depth articles about this issue can be found on the net.

16th February 2016 two students were involuntarily transferred to a school in Stockton. Livermore Police Department and Stockton Police Department intervene. As more information comes to light the police begin investigating matters at LVPC. Alameda County District Attorney began investigations into allegations of fraud, mismanagement of its foreign exchange program and child endangerment.

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STS Kielimatkat / STS Vaihto-oppilaasohjelmat

STS Kielimatkat Oy
Company number: 0765766-2
Registered: 26th July 1989

Mannerheimintie 44 A, 3 krs., 00260 Helsinki
– STS-Språkresor Ab
– STS Vaihto-oppilaasohjelmat

Owner: Lars-Olof Christer Magnusson via STS Student Travel Schools AB

Stiftelsen IBS International Business Schools

STS Alp Holding AB (2005)

Investment Aktiebolaget Janus AB

Om Associates, Inc.
(Corporate layout copied, with permission, from CSFES Sweden’s blog)


STS/Explorius: Additional information allergic students

In a recent court case against STS, the judges asked STS who had designed this questionnaire. The country manager of Explorius Finland (Anu Husu-Peltonen) had been called to testify and admitted that the country managers of STS and Explorius had designed it together. When asked, the judges were told that it is the country managers themselves who evaluate the exchange student’s health certificates. Professional health care people are not consulted and health care education is not required.

Additional information from allergic students p1

Additional information from allergic students p2

Finnish student exchange contract

Vaihto-oppilaaksi haettaessa saataa monille tulla yllätyksenä, mihin kaikkeen järjestö edellyttää vaihto-oppilaan vanhempineen sitoutuvan. Koska säännöt ei ole nähtävissä järjestöjen sivuilla eikä esitteissä, haluamme tuoda ne julki. On myös havaittu, että nämä säännöt esitetään usein vasta myöhäisemmässä vaiheessa hakuprosessia, jolloin sopimus vaihto-ohjelmasta on jo syntynyt ja osa vaihto-ohjelmasta maksettu. 

Säännöt eri järjestöjen välillä ovat verrattavissa. 

Sääntöihin kannattaa todella perehtyä ja ottaa huomioon, mitä esimerkiksi kohdat 5, 20 ja 21 saattavat merkitä käytännössä.

STS Finnish contract p 1



STS Finnish contract p 2

EF Education: Exchange students traveling to the US – exchange rates

At the end of May, on the bill sent out to their exchange students traveling to the United States, EF Education in Norway added an extra charge of to up to NOK 18.000. This amounts to about 2040 euros.

EF claims that this has to do with exchange rates and a ”typing mistake” they made in their contracts and their brochure. Their customers have contested this extra charge stating that:

  1. Dates are vital information. Customers should, therefore, be able to rely on the firm to have strict control routines on such content.
  2. The timing of this extra charge places undue pressure on the customer.
  3. EF did not know when the mistake was discovered. The customer should be able to expect a large firm like EF to have good routines on immediately informing their customers.

EF’s response to the customers was along the lines of: PAY UP OR CANCEL. Do not have contact with CSFES as EF does not consider them serious players on EF’s playing field.

I do not know if Finnish customers this year have had this experience with EF Education as you use the euro. But I thought it important, anyways, that you were made aware of their ”metkut”.

Explorius Education / Educatius / Aiducatius / CETUSA / Tom O Ericsson

Copied from CSFES Norway:

  • Educatius UK Ltd
    • FriSciFiUtbildningsfabrik AB
      • Explorius Education AB
        • Explorius Education AS
        • Explorius Education OY
        • Explorius Education ApS
      • Educatius Inc
      • Payius AB
      • Explore Tours Fair Travel Sweden AB
        • Explore Tours Alm Fair Travel Sweden AB
    • CET Management Ltd
      • CET International
      • CETUSA Inc
      • CET, Vancouver
      • DFSR, Germany
      • European Hotel Academy
    • AStudy Ltd
      • AStudy USA



1986-1991: Tom Ericsson worked for STS Travel Schools / Language Schools

1990-1999: United Educational Consultants International inc.

1991-1998: Aspect Inc. / Aspect International Language Schools / Aspect Language School SA – Hired 1991, TOE president 1998 of Aspect. (English language programs at 19 schools in five countries)

1997-1999: Travel Selections Inc., Tom Ericsson President

1990-1999: Educational Consultants International Inc., Tom Ericsson President

1998: Aspect Inc. / Aspect Foundation / Aspect Education were sold to Sylvan Learning Systems. Tom Ericsson remains with the company.

1999: Travel Selections Inc / Educational Consultants International Inc. merged into Aspect Education Inc.

2000: Sylvan Learning Systems Inc. sells the Aspect group to Optagon Holdings Ltd. (Kaplan). At this point Tom Ericsson leaves Aspect.

Tom Ericsson claims to have started Educatius in 2001. I have not been able to substantiate that claim. There was/is a firm called Educatius Handelsbolag (969675-1933) that was incorporated in Sweden but it is no longer registered as active. It is used as a domain address for

2003: Educatius UK Ltd (08555156 / 08553853)

2007: Educatius International – non-profit (Because this organization failed to file a Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, or 990-PF for 3 consecutive years, its exempt status has been automatically revoked by the IRS)

2008: FriFiSi Utbildningsfabrik AB, Sweden (556759-3123). FriFiSi functions as the management firm of the above Scandinavian Explorius companies and Explore Tours Fair Travel Sweden AB.

2010-2012: Attentio AB (556808-8560)

2010: Payius AB, Sweden (556819-1117): Online payments

2010: Explore Tours Fair Travel Sweden AB (556800-8311): Founded by Tom O Ericsson

  • 2013: Explore Tours Alm Fair Travel Sweden AB (556939-5592):

2009: Educatius Inc. – for-profit (Educatius is not part of the CSIET approved programs, enabling them to pay hosts money for boarding the students. The students come in under the F-1 visa program. That means that the DofS Regulations do not apply to them in the same sense as it does to others. There are State regulations that should apply instead.)

2011: CET International Inc. (C3354480)

2012: Educatius College & University Services Inc

2013: Educatius Cultural Exchange Programs Inc.

2013: Astudy Ltd (08547538) / Astudy USA (86096407) / Norway (275334) (could possibly end up at the site

2013: Innsamlingsstift Aiducatius (802477-8659)


Educatius host family application

Explorius High School Exchange Program application

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