The owner of CSFES Finland’s blog is also the owner of CSFES Norway, CSFES Sweden and CSFES Denmark. CSFES Norway is the main site and contains information that I try to share with each of the other blogs when that information is relevant. I started CSFES Norway after working with Danielle Grijalva from the original CSFES in USA. Where she works with students traveling to and from USA, I work with students traveling to and from Scandinavia.

There are two Finnish women I work with when either they or I need help. Both are dedicated women and easy to talk to. My name is Lise Lotte. I understand Swedish, and speak English and Norwegian. email: margarethesdatter (at) csfes (dot) org

Please do not hesitate to contact me. Our work is freely given and does not cost you anything.



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