Changing your religion

Changing your religion while you are an exchange student is against the rules of most exchange organizations. You risk being sent home.

CSFES advises you to wait until you have returned home and gotten over the honeymoon phase of meeting a missionary religion before you make such a life-changing decision.

This story seems to be fairly representative of exchange students who choose baptism/change of faith while on their student exchange stay.

Hi I’m Jenna

About Me

I’m from Lahti, Finland. I’m 18 years old high school student. I came to America for a year as a exchange student and I lived with a Mormon family. I was a Lutheran but I started to go to church with them. Later on i started to go to seminary and started to take missionary lessons. Finally I decided to be baptized and now I’m a first Mormon in my family.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? When I came to America for a exchange I started to go to LDS church with my host family. First I was surprised how close all the families were and when I learned more about the gospel, I realized why. Everything I learned felt right. I loved the people because they weren’t the same as other people. They were happy and they really loved each other. I met my friend who got baptized couple months before me and he told me how he changed and got baptized. After that I knew I can change too so I got baptized. Before my baptism I was really scared but after I got up of the water, I felt great and I was so happy I did it. Now I’ve been a Mormon just for couple months but I still feel awesome. Getting baptized was something what I really needed for my life. So why am I a Mormon? I’m a Mormon because my life is so much better this way and I’m so much happier.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by following the commandments of God because I know our lives are not going to end after our death. I want to help people in the church but I also want help other people and tell them about the gospel because I want them to be as happy as I am.



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